Save the date: Midwest Machine Learning Symposium (MMLS) June 6-7

The Midwest Machine Learning Symposium 2019 (MMLS’19) is being organized by Dimitris Papailiopoulos and Yingyu Liang at UW-Madison, together with colleagues Laura Balzano from U. Michigan, Abhishek Gupta from OSU, Steve Hanneke from TTIC, and Niao He from UIUC.

It aims to convene regional machine learning researchers for stimulating discussions and debates, to foster cross-institutional collaboration, and to showcase the collective talent of ML researchers at all career stages. The event combines individual research pursuits to form a broader perspective and helps to sustain a thriving ML community in the Midwest.

SILO Video Archive

12/12/18| Line Roald | Learning Solutions to Constrained Optimization Problems – to Enable a Sustainable Electric Grid
12/5/18| Mohit Gupta | Micro-(Shape-And-Motion)-Scopes
11/28/18| Gauri Joshi  | Slow and Stale Gradients Can Win the Race: Error-Runtime Trade-offs in Distributed SGD
11/21/18| Vivak Patel | Statistical Filtering for Optimization over Expectation Operators
11/14/18 | Misha Belkin | Fit without Fear: an Interpolation Perspective on Optimization and Generalization in Modern Machine Learning
11/7/18 | Matus Telgarsky  | Generalization and optimization of deep networks
10/31/18 | Saurabh Gupta | Visual Navigation in 3D Scenes
10/24/18 | Nan Chen | A Conditional Gaussian Framework for Uncertainty Quantification, Data Assimilation and Prediction of Complex Nonlinear Turbulent Dynamical Systems
10/17/18 | Miaoyan Wang | Learning from Binary Multiway Data: Probabilistic Tensor Decomposition and its Statistical Optimality
10/10/18 | Bhuvana Krishnaswamy | Towards an autonomous network of biological sensors
10/3/18 | Mina Karzand | Tight regret bounds for a latent variable model of recommendation systems
09/26/18 | Dr. Lee Seversk & Dr. Eric Heim | Adversarial Networks with Structured Inputs and Output
09/19/18 | Christopher Ryan | Mixed-integer bilevel representability
09/12/18 | Kaibo Lui | Big Data Analytics for Real-time Complex System Monitoring and Prognostics
09/05/18 | Jerry Zhu | How to poison linear regression