Monthly MADLab/AFRL Meetings

Monthly MADLab/AFRL Meetings

WebEx’s featuring a short research discussion

December 4 11:30-12 CST
Dr. Yingyu Liang will give a presentaiton on Robust Attribution Regularization. 

Aug 7 10:30-11 CST
Blake Mason and Ardhendu Tripathy gave a presenation on Learning Nearest Neighbor Graphs from Noisy Distance Samples. View slides.

May 1 11:30-12 CST
Professor Rob Nowak gave a presentation on Interactive Learning: From Theory to Practice. View Slides

Apr 3 11:30-12 CST
Zachary Charles gave a presentation on Adversarial and Robust Learning.
View Slides.

Mar 6 11:30-12  CST
Professor Rebecca Willett of the University of Chicago gave a presentation on Deep Learning for Inverse Problems. A pre-print is onlineView Slides

Feb 6 11:30-12 CST
Professor Jerry Zhu gave a presentation on adversarial ML topics referencing his recently published paper,  Adversarial Attacks on Stochastic Bandits.